You found my About Page! I should probably tell you something about myself now. Well, I like long walks in the woods, drinking lemon tea and… oops, wrong site! Anyways…

About Affiliate Niche Builders

Affiliate Niche Builders first started as a Facebook Group on June 30, 2018. Since then, through purely organic means, it has grown to over 3,000 members and has been rated one of the best groups on facebook to learn affiliate marketing.

The group purpose is to create a community with the purpose of teaching people how to build successful niche sites. Topics include everything from SEO best practices, keyword research, Wodpress help, hosting, and sharing wins and case studies.

As time went on, members of the community had asked me to build courses and start blogging, which I eventually did. And thus, a year later, this blog was born.

AffiliateNicheBuilders.com acts both as a resource to help people get started in affiliate marketing – giving them the education and tools to succeed, and as a personal project.

About Ben Adler

This story begins somewhere around 2015. Back then, I was looking for ways to earn passive income. I didn’t understand how marketing worked or how money online was actually made, but I knew I needed to make something work.

One day I was browsing /r/entrepreneur and came across a post that changed my life. Someone was sharing how he managed to generate $500 a month from a crappy vacuum cleaner website. The website didn’t look good, the articles weren’t that great, and it was using stock photos.

I was floored. Naive me thought, “that website sucks, I can do that”, without knowing anything about SEO or how niche sites worked.

But I set off with the little information I knew. Lo and behold, my first website failed, and so quickly did the one after that. The websites weren’t particularly bad, but I had picked niches that had no money in them. An “obvious” mistake, but a mistake that a lot of beginners make.

And 3 times the charm. My third site was successful, having almost a $6,000 month just from Amazon alone by the end of the same year. Looking back, I had missed out on a LOT of income. I had no ads and I was not using other affiliate networks.

But the good days didn’t last forever. Amazon cut their commissions and Prime became more popular. People were no longer stocking up their shopping carts to get free shipping. And overnight, pretty much everyone using Amazon for their niche sites took a significant hit.

Today, the site is still running and it’s pretty passive. It generates between $2k-$3k a month and I update it a few times a year. I now use other affiliate networks like Shareasale and use Ezoic ads for income diversification.

My Sites

Like most niche builders, I don’t give out my sites publically, but inquiring minds want to know, so I am will to share some stats.

Review Site 1 – This is my first site built in January 2015. I taught myself and learned a lot from this website. It gets between 30-45k visits a month and generates between $2-3k a month depending on the time of year. Unlike other popular review sites nowadays, I used only whitehat methods to gain backlinks.

Monetization methods:

  • Amazon
  • Shareasale
  • Ezoic ($28 EPMV)

Info Site 1 – Created around 2016, I started this site only to give up without putting in too much effort. A couple of years later, I discovered it got a .gov backlink, which inspired me to work on it again. My strategy is to first focus on informational posts to hit 10k a month for display ads. Right now, it generates only a few dollars a month and gets about 4k visits with no backlink efforts.