Circus Niche

You might think the circus is all fun and games, but could there be serious money to be made in this niche? Without doing much research, you can probably think of a few topics to write about, everything including juggling, unicycles, swallowing swords, and tightropes! Let’s take a look…

Why Circus Niche?

The main appeal here is the potential to maximize various sub-niches under one niche. Here are just some sub-niches to explore:

  • Clowns
  • Unicycling
  • Juggling
  • Tightropes and balancing
  • Sword swallowing
  • Comedy
  • Magic / Illusions
  • Fire breathing
  • Hula hooping

What does this mean? A huuuuge range of topics and products! If this niche seems too broad, focus on a few sub-niches at first or pick one to use as your main niche instead.

Promoting Products

There will be a lot to promote here. The tricky thing is there are professionals and amateurs who are in this niche, so learning to target them could prove challenging.

This is where you want to be strategic with your affiliate offers.

You could promote products only from Amazon…

Or be promoting professional products that offer higher commissions as high as 10%

10% commission in some ecom stores

The same thing goes for a lot of products in this niche. A set of 3 juggling clubs on Amazon are fairly cheap…

But they go for $30 per club on other sites!

What you’ll want to do here is experiment with different offers and find out where your audience is shopping. And of course, you can always promote multiple merchants for the same product.

Courses are going to be a big part of this niche too. Check out some Magic courses I found on ClickBank

Magic Courses on ClickBank


Images for 'Juggling' on VisualHunt
Images for ‘Juggling’ on VisualHunt

Your best bet for images is probably going to be VisualHunt. You’ll need to filter for commercial use and give proper credit. But these images are going to be really authentic and add trust to your website.


I don’t have to even look to know there’s going to be lots of communities online and offline for this niche.

These are all great places to find keywords, network, find photos, and research. You can even go to clubs and meetups as well.

A Good Niche?

I certainly think so! There are enough traffic and well-priced products here to promote. The trick here is being able to find the right offers and promote them with the right keywords and copy.