Electric Bicycle Niche

If you haven’t figured it out yet, anything with wheels makes for great niches, and electric bicycles are no exceptions. Jump on and let’s explore the motorized bicycle niche.

Why Electric Bicycles Niche?

Before I jump right into products and prices, it’s important to understand what electric bikes (ebikes) are and why people use them. Ebikes look like ordinary bicycles with small but powerful motors attached. They run off batteries and some long-range ebikes can go over 200 miles on a single charge.

People use these bikes for all sorts of things:

  • Commuting and city travel
  • Mountain biking
  • Bike touring
  • Hunting
  • And even things like food delivery

Although these bikes have practical purposes, they are also very hobby focused with enthusiastic followers. Anytime you have a hobby centric product, that’s good news! It allows you to create a review style site with a lot of informational articles around higher-priced items without looking spammy.

And what is the price of these bikes? As much as several thousand dollars. Most people aren’t going to be buying ebikes this expensive though. You’ll mostly find people buying bikes around the $500 – $1500 range.

And it’s just not bikes. There are lots of accessories like:

  • Bike parts like seats, pedals, and tires
  • Bike clothing like helmets, gloves, shoes, and jackets
  • Lights
  • Computers and GPS systems
  • Carry bags
  • Car racks
  • Motors, batteries, and DIY kits

And lots of info kws to target like:

  • Guides
  • Reviews
  • Parts
  • Laws and regulations
  • Custom builds
  • Commuting
  • General questions (like ‘how much does an ebike battery weigh?’)

Seasonality and Trends

If you figured this niche would be seasonal, you guessed correct. It’s a seasonal niche, at least in the USA. It also has a great 5-year upward trend which I expect only to go higher in the coming years.

5 year Google trend for ‘electric bicycle’

Ebike Affiliate Programs

Unfortunately, some of the bigger brands I checked did not have affiliate programs, which might be tricky. The good news is that these bikes are being bought on Amazon (5.5% for sports, 4.5 for outdoor).

I did end up finding one program on ShareASale that offers 8% commission on their ebikes. Sign up for ShareASale and search for “ebike” under merchants.

But with high priced items, it could mean ad revenue is higher too.


The best place to find ebike images are going to be on Deposit Photos. Head over there and check them out.

Ebike photos on deposit photos


There are lots of communities online to find kws, do niche research, and ask questions.

Here are some Facebook groups:

Facebook groups for ‘ebikes’

And forums:

A Good Niche?

I actually think this is a really good niche, especially for beginners. These products are high priced and is a type of product people want to compare and research before they buy.

Because this niche isn’t super technical, the average person who doesn’t know anything about ebikes could do enough research to write fact-based reviews and rank them high.

The only possible downside to this niche is seasonality and the lack of affiliate programs, but overall, still a good niche.