Horse Niche

If there’s one thing that’s not cheap, it’s horses and taking care of them. There’s a lot of aspects, everything from riding, racing, and training. Let’s kick off with the horse niche.

Why Horse Niche?

With other niches I like, horses offer a lot of topics to write about and there are expensive products to promote. I also have a hunch that this is a low competition niche (and I’ll show you why).

Let’s take a look at various topics:

  • General horse information
  • Horse care
  • Horse breeding
  • Horse racing
  • Horse riding
  • Horse training
  • Horse shows
  • Transport and traveling

And of course, there is gear to go with them:

  • Saddles
  • Apparel (hats, gloves, boots, helmets, riding wear)
  • Gear bags
  • Blankets and sheets
  • Harnesses and carts
  • Electric fences
  • Grooming kits (shampoos, clippers, brushes)
  • Therapy products (braces, hot/cold wraps)
  • Hoof care
  • Stable supplies (buckets, hay feeders, forks, stall guards)
  • Pest control (fly sheets, fly repellant)

There’s one category I did leave out from this list. And it supplements, worming kits, and vaccines. Anything medical-related like this, I would stay away from discussing unless you are qualified and experienced to talk about them. Even discussing medical topics I would be careful of. This isn’t from an SEO standpoint, but from an ethical standpoint. You don’t want to be giving medical advice when you aren’t qualified.

Everything else is fair game! And a lot of these products aren’t being addressed in this niche

Low Competition?

I hope you realize now how big of a niche horses really is! And because it’s such a deep niche you can get into, I don’t think a lot of people are doing the heavy work here.

What do I mean exactly? That this could be a low competition niche. Take a look at one keyword I found in the related searches section:

search results for ‘dakota saddles reviews’

90 searches per month and no competition for this buyer keyword! Some of the sites on the front page were older sites that didn’t even have https installed.

Promoting Products

Of course, when you are in an expensive niche, you want to take advantage of the expensive products. Some saddles can cost over $1,000 dollars!

I searched a few affiliate programs and it looks like the most you are going to get is around 5%. Could be better, but that’s $50 on a $1000 dollar product.

High priced items in horse niche

There are a lot of saddles being sold on eBay as well, but I’m not sure people are buying them. eBay commission structure is typically 50% of eBay fees, which are 10%. At $1000 product, you are still earning $50.

Saddles being sold on eBay


Yep, tons of communities in this niche. Here are some on Facebook:

Horse groups on Facebook

Here are some other communities:

These forums are great places to ask questions and do research.


There is absolutely no shortage of free images of horses online. And if you wanted, you could try to find house events in your area to take your own pictures.

On Unsplash alone, over 19K images were returned for ‘horse’.

A Good Niche?

The horse niche is rather huge. There is a large community and lots of topics and products to discuss. It seems rather low competition, but if you’re not at all familiar with this niche, it could take some time to research and break into. It will take work, but there’s definitely money to be made here.

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  1. Thank you ben for informing this more popular but less competitive niche.
    I must say, not too many people will work in this niche.
    Thanks for the little guide.

    • Thanks Safwan. Yeah, I personally haven’t heard of anyone working in this niche. I think it’s a good niche to get into. People who own horses have to take care of them year round.

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