Ezoic Requirements: What You Need to Be Accepted

Two of the easiest ways to monetize your site are with affiliate links and display ads. I personally love ad revenue. Compared to affiliate links, it’s a lot more passive. The ads are automatic and unlike products, never go out of date. You can write about a lot more topics and still make money. You aren’t limited to commercial content (see my article on informational vs commercial articles).

So if you’re getting traffic, you should have ads on your site. I’ve personally been using Ezoic since December 2018 and have been quite happy with them.

What Are Ezoic’s Requirements?

Alright, enough already. What do I need to join Ezoic?

Here’s the short and sweet version:

  • 10,000 page views per month
  • Original content
  • Adhere to Google’s Ad Policy
  • Be in good standing with Google (Adsense, Ad Manager)

That’s pretty much it. If you have a regular blog with enough traffic and haven’t been banned by Adsense, you should be good to go for being accepted.

Do I Really Need 10,000 Visits for Ezoic?

While this is an official requirement, I’ve known people who’ve been accepted with a lot less. The reason why Ezoic requires 10k visits per month is because their platform works with AI. This machine learning automatically splits tests ads and locations for you to increase revenue.

In order for this AI to work optimally, it needs to do a lot of tests, which requires traffic. If you don’t have enough traffic, the AI will take a lot longer to test ads, which kind of defeats the purpose of using Ezoic in the first place.

I will say though, that even if Ezoic didn’t increase revenue, they would still be worth using. Ezoic gives you a ton of control over ads like sizes, amounts, and locations. You can hide ads from certain pages and even block ads that go to specific websites. You also get to control ads on desktop, mobile, and tablet. Not only that, but you get really good support. So yes, there’s a lot of good reasons to use Ezoic aside from the increased revenue. And it’s free.

What is Original Content?

Original content is content that is not copied, scraped, or spun. If you created an article from scratch or from research, it’s considered original content.

Another key here is that your content needs to be articles. If you had an eCommerce store where all the content was product descriptions, you wouldn’t qualify. However, if you had a blog on the eCommerce store with lots of content, that could possibly work.

What About Other Networks?

Ezoic is one of the easier networks to get into and they still pay pretty well. When I first wanted to put ads on my site, I applied to Mediavine. After 2 weeks of waiting, I got a generic email saying I was rejected.

The response I got wasn’t very helpful:

This was after I emailed them because they were taking so long. I lost a couple weeks of revenue because of the waiting period too. Once I signed up with Ezoic, I was up and running within a few days.

Is Ezoic Worth It?

A lot of people who want to put ads on their site want to know if it’s worth signing up with Ezoic. As I’ve said, I’ve been using them since December 2018 and am still using them.

The huge benefit of trying out with Ezoic is that there is no downside. All the other premium networks like Monumetric, Mediavine, and Adthrive all have 30-day contracts. This means if you sign up with them, you are locked in for 30 days.

With Ezoic, you have total control and can cancel anytime. It’s really as simple as logging into your account and turning ads off. Granted, if you changed nameservers, it will take up to 24 hours to change these back. That being said, there are no signup or cancelation fees. You’ll be able to still keep all your earnings if you don’t like Ezoic.

If you want to give Ezoic a try, sign up here.

5 thoughts on “Ezoic Requirements: What You Need to Be Accepted”

  1. Hi Adler,

    Great content you have in here.

    Since you got rejected by mediavine, what changes did you make?

    I have been rejected twice now.

    I really want to meet up on my next application.


    • Hi Nwajei,

      This is what I did:

      * Changed homepage from static content to blog roll
      * Added personal photo and one sentence bio on homepage
      * Created a personal about page

      Hope that helps. Goodluck!

  2. Hello Adler,

    Sure, that was helpful. Already have all these except for the person about page.

    Will do that soon.


  3. Hi Adler!
    Great read! I got rejected for Ezoic. They too didn’t offer any explanation. My site has original content. Only a few posts are quotes-post (like psychology quotes) – are they thr reason?
    And if you could find a second to drop by at https://happyproject.in and suggest if I need to change my homepage, it would be so kind of you!

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