90-Day Niche Site Challenge: Site #3

Vishal and I have created a 90-day challenge. The challenge is to start earning at least $10 in 90 days with a fresh domain and no linking building. Traffic will be all from SEO, so good keyword research and quality content will be key!

I was thinking about getting a 3rd site underway and already had a niche picked along with keywords researched. What no better way to start!

This page will serve as a log of my progress, so be sure to visit it often!

1/3/2020 – Domain Bought


  • Domain purchased

Today I bought the domain name. I picked a domain name that contained my niche keyword and a modifier. An example of this would be something like FishingDaily or FishingWorld. I like picking domains like this because it contains your keyword, is relevant, and allows for the opportunity for branding.

I bought the fresh domain for or a little over 7 bucks. I used namecheap with coupon FCNC2019COUPON to save 20%.

1/4/2020 – Website Setup


  • Worpress installed on host
  • First outsourced article bought

Today I am setting up my website. But before I did so, I started outsourcing content. I’m using AuthorityRocket.com for my content agency. They are 3 cents/word and are pretty decent quality for that price. It’s good to have content in the queue right away as it takes 3-4 days to deliever.

Now, to set up my site. I’m already using WPX so I simply added another site to it at no extra charge (my plan allows up to 5 sites). Installing SSL is free and easy.

Plugins installed:

  • W3 Total Cache (preinstalled with wp installation)
  • Insert Headers and Footers
  • Contact Form 7
  • Really Simple SSL
  • Redirection

The new WordPress 2020 theme is actually nice, but I do have a Generatepress Pro license I can use on unlimited sites. The pro version comes with their premade sites, which I will look into using instead.

1/5/2020 – Design work


  • Picked a theme
  • Bought a logo for $1 from Canva
  • Created Privacy and Contact pages
  • Installed Google Analytics

Well, I worked a little bit trying to customize a theme only to scrap it. That seems to be standard practice with me when setting up a new site.

I bought an icon from Canva.com for $1 which I will be using as my logo. I discovered that the images you purchase from there are for 1-time purchase. If you create a new design, you won’t be able to use the same logo unless you pay for it again. Luckily, I had made my design dimensions large enough so I can make the icon larger and smaller, then crop using external programs.

1/6/2020 – Editing Content


  • Spent time editing outsourced content

Well, I got some outsourced content back. It was okay for the price, but I have high standards when it comes to quality content. I spent a few hours editing the article. Was it with the $60 for a 2k word article that I spent hours editing? I don’t know.

When it comes to articles, it isn’t the writing that takes the most work, it’s the research. Most writers aren’t willing, in my opinion, to do deep research and makes sure the article contains accurate info. Doing deep research is how my articles excel without backlinks.

1/7/2020 – Writing Articles


  • Wrote and published 2 articles

I seem to be on a role today, publishing two small articles. There’s still time in the day so I hoping I can squeeze out one more article. These articles are based around simple questions that aren’t lengthy or overly technical.

I think using this strategy will be important. It will allow me to get noticed by Google quickly and start ranking.

2 thoughts on “90-Day Niche Site Challenge: Site #3”

  1. G’day Ben,

    Just reading through your site and I’m really interested in your 90 day niche site challenge. Your idea is terrific for newbies as being able to follow along with you is priceless in my mind.

    I have built an SBI site and a couple of WordPress sites in the past so I have a basic understanding of site building & SEO.

    Do you have a more indepth ‘blueprint’ to follow that includes information on how you find niches, how you choose keywords, choosing a domain, etc, etc.

    Cheers Ben.

    Best regards,

    Peter Kirkham
    Perth, Western Australia

    • Hi Peter, I have some articles that touch on it, but I haven’t published anything on the blog soon. It’s on my list to do!

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