Remote Control Car Niche

Yep, another niche I picked because I thought it would be cool… and it’s actually a lot cooler than I thought. Make sure you’re fully charged because we’ll dive into the remote control car niche.

Why Remote Control Cars?

Well, a few reasons came to mind at first when picking this niche. First, it can be a fun niche to explore. But another reason is remote control toys is a real hobby that enthusiast spend thousands of dollars on. Which means more money for us.

Some of these cars are no joke. Some models can go well over 100MPH out of the box and cost upwards of $1,000 or more.

Take a look…

And what’s good about this niche is that there are so many different models out there that finding ones that don’t have any reviews written about them is super easy.

Take a look yourself:

  • redcat thunder drift review (20)
  • redcat racing dukono pro review (0)
  • redcat lightning str review (10)
  • losi dbxl e review (90)

And upgrades and troubleshooting guides have little competition as well

  • xmaxx 8s esc problems (110)
  • traxxas xmaxx esc (90)
  • redcat rampage upgrades (20)

And this niche isn’t just limited to cars either. There’s…

  • Boats
  • Planes
  • Helicopters
  • Robots
  • Excavators

Seasonality and Trends

So seasonality is interesting. Google trends shows a huge spike for ‘remote control car’ around December. I guess a lot of people are buying them as presents for Christmas. Most of these people probably aren’t hobbyists.

Google Trends for ‘remote control car’

So what I did instead is look on Ubersuggest for one of the popular RC companies, RedCatRacing and found it to be really stable. There might be a spike though around Christmas if you are targetting ‘best-of’ articles or general remote control car questions.

Ubersuggest for ‘’


Images are somewhat of a dude for this niche.. which means you’re stuck to product photos, but it’s not all that bad. Using, you can easily add product photos to backgrounds, and some bold text, and you’re golden.


Check out these huge communities to research and ask questions

A Good Niche?

I think this can be a decent niche. One thing to look out for is seasonality. While there are lots of low comp keywords here, some of these keywords can be more technical and reviews could get boring after a while. Before digging further into this niche, I would do more research to see what affiliate programs are out there besides Amazon.

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  1. Hello Ben,

    You got my attention on Facebook when you answered one of my questions. Hence, here I am checking out your website.

    Man, this is awesome. I love your writing style. And you keep everything so simple. Such a brilliant idea to select the topic Niche as your niche!

    I noticed that in your list of remote controlled devices you omitted drones. What was your reason for that? If I selected a remote controlled niche that would be it. What do you think?

    What do you do to monetize this site? I didn’t notice any affiliate links in this post. Perhaps that is not the objective of this site.

    Keep up the excellent work. There is a lot I can learn from you.



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