Backyard Chicken Niche

Backyard chickens probably isn’t the first niche that comes to mind when building niche sites. There are some drawbacks like seasonality, but is it still a worthwhile niche to get into? Let’s take a look…

Why Backyard Chicken Niche?

At first thought, this seems to be somewhat of an obscure niche, which means there could be lower competition. The other reason this niche might seem appealing is that people will have a lot of questions about raising chickens (like “why do my chickens lay small eggs?”), meaning more content ideas. Focusing on evergreen content will allow us to get more passive income with ads.

Google Trends

Part of my initial investigation is to always look at Google trends. To my surprise, I would have thought things like sustainability, off-grid living, and raising backyard chickens would be becoming more popular. After a few keyword variants, it looks like the 5-year trends are all downward. And this niche is not only declining but seasonal.

5-year trend for ‘backyard chickens’


Here’s what’s important – are there products to promote in this niche? More than you might think…

Here are a few:

  • Chicken coops
  • Brooder heaters and heating pads
  • Odor control spray
  • Bug repellents
  • Watering and feeding systems
  • Automatic chicken doors
  • Composite accelerators
  • Egg baskets
  • Egg cleaners
  • Chicken feed and supplements
  • Snow melting mats
  • Netting and fencing
  • Nesting boxes
  • Incubators
  • Cleaning supplies

Your biggest items are going to be things like chicken coops and chicken doors

Chicken coops on Amazon
Chicken coops on Amazon
Chicken doors on Amazon
Chicken doors on Amazon

And Clickbank offers some products as well that offer high percent commission…

Backyard Chicken products on Clickbank
Backyard Chicken products on Clickbank


There’s no shortage of images in this niche. On, there are 6.4k results for ‘chicken coop’.

Forums and Community

Forums and online communities here are going to be super valuable to do research and ask questions.

Here are just a few:

You might even want to pick up a few books from Amazon on raising backyard chickens as well.

A Good Niche?

This niche is seasonal and is declining, but is still quite popular. Like all niches, it’s going to take work. If you raise backyard chickens yourself or have a strong interest in learning about it, then this niche might work. This niche could be combined with a larger niche such as homesteading or prepping.