Road Trip Niche

After taking a solo road trip across the country, I thought this would be a really fun niche to cover. And the more I researched this niche, the bigger I realize this niche actually is.

Why Road Trip Niche?

At first glance, you may think it’s limited to topics like ‘preparing for a road trip’ or car equipment, but there’s really a lot more that can fit into this niche.

Everything from destinations, camping equipment, camera equipment, RVs, van living, traveling with kids, and working while traveling. There’s a lot to cover, which makes this niche appealing.

Keyword Research

There’s literally no shortage of keywords in this niche. You can even cover road trip attractions in certain areas, highways, and specific routes. This basically makes every attraction available to write about. Here’s what I mean:

Google autosuggest with Keywords Everywhere for ‘Road trip to’

If I was planning this site though, I would focus on a few key areas and use categories as my main navigation:

  • Trip Planning
  • Destinations / Routes
  • RV and Vans
  • Equipment


There are a lot of communities online for pretty much every aspect of this niche. Facebook is one great place to find groups on Roadtrips and groups on van living.

Facebook groups for Van Living

There are lots of forums too, like TripAdvisor and Road Trip America. There’s even a Reddit community with over half a million members!


Road trip photos on Unsplash

Finding good photos aren’t going to be a problem at all in this niche. Road trip photos are plentiful and so are photos of destinations. Just go on Unsplash and type in your destination and you have all the free photos you need!


For this niche, I would focus on answering basic topics that I find in Google autosuggest. Topics like “road trip without interstates” and “road trip on a scooter”.

Once a built up a good base of these basic articles, I would then focus on destinations, like “cheap road trips california” and “road trip from queenstown to christchurch”. Don’t be afraid to explore destinations in other countries.

Niche for the Travel Savvy

If you enjoy traveling or learning about new destinations, this could be a good niche. The more experience you have, the better off you’re going to be. Being able to share authentic images and personal stories is going to make your content really stand out.

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