Sailing Niche

One niche I think can be an absolute killer is sailing. I don’t know a thing about sailing, but do know there is a LOT of information. I have a particular friend who sails and often tells me how much there is to learn about this niche.

Why Sailing?

Sailing is appealing for a couple of reasons. The first is how rich it is in content. There are so many different aspects to cover in this niche. Everything from different boats and how to cruise them. You need to understand the weather and how to navigate, how to put up sails, anchor, tie knots, and how to use different equipment. Then there’s destinations, emergencies, laws, and more! Lots and lots of content!

And this niche isn’t cheap either. Radios, navigation systems, clothing, coolers, generators, solar panels, and personal equipment like jackets, lifevest, and headlamps just to name a few.

Besides physical products, there’s also digital products and ebooks. Ad revenue too should be higher than normal and you might even be able to do lead generation by advertising boats.

Seasonality and Trends

Sailing is done around the world, but it is still seasonal. The 5 year tend is fairly stable. In the US, it’s most popular in states such as Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, Hawaii, and Massachusetts.

5-year Google Trend for ‘sailing’


There are tons of communities online for sailing – which will be invaluable for finding information and even networking. There are some Facebook groups with over 100k members and a Reddit community with 70k members!

Facebook groups for sailing

Lots of active forums too, such as CruisersForum, SailingForums, and SailNet just to mention a few! (yes, there are even more!)

You’ll have no problems asking questions in these forums to get answers when researching your articles.


This niche wins again when it comes to images. Ther are a ton of free images to use when it comes to sailing on sites like Unsplash.

Sailing pictures on Unsplash

Getting Started

Because there’s so much information out there and I don’t have any experience, I would probably buy a couple of good books on sailing for beginners. I’d buy them used for a few bucks each off Amazon.

I’d also join a few good sailing groups on Facebook and just see what topics keep coming up. This is mostly to get acquainted with my niche and the books will serve as a good reference point. I would keep track of all the questions I think of to possible use as ideas for articles.