Wedding Planning Niche

Wedding planning is something that a lot of people go through. Planning a wedding can be stressful and expensive, which make for a great niche to be in (solving programs and making money). You can bet that this is a niche a lot of people are researching and spend big money in. Keep reading to see how you can profit big with sub-niches.

Popularity and Trends

Right off that bat, this seems like a competitive niche. I just typed in ‘Wedding Planning’ into UberSuggest and it gets 74k searches a month with a “very difficult” competition.

Not only are all the big companies going after this niche, but I’m willing to bet there are lots of women bloggers out there too I would be competing with.

Interestingly, Google Trends shows a 5-year decline. Still, with how popular this niche is, this isn’t something I would be at all worried about.

5-year trend for ‘Wedding Planning’


There are lots of online communities too for this niche, which is expected. FB showed some nice groups, along with Reddit with over 100k subs forums including Wedding Wire.

FB groups for Wedding Planning

These communities are going to be a great place to research, gather copy, and even network and collect stories and pictures.

Products, Ads, and Lead Generation

For products, I would look into clothing, clothing accessories, flower shops, limo services, hotels, wedding decor, and wedding accessories. People even order wedding rings and cakes online. Products aside, this is an expensive niche so I can expect to make a lot of money from ad revenue alone.

Keywords Everywhere for ‘Wedding Planning NY’ estimates 1300 searches per month. This kw can be modified to target other cities. Once you target a city, you can research local services and look into doing lead generation for wedding services.


If I went for this niche, I would focus on long-tail keywords or pick a sub-niche.

Subniche ideas might be wedding planning for grooms where it would just be from a man’s perspective, or I might go after wedding destinations and talk about weddings in different countries or obscure locations.

Or better yet, I might go after wedding themes like Star Wars themed weddings as a mico-niche. There are a LOT of people searching for “star wars wedding” keywords. Keywords like “star wars wedding cake toppers” have 1300 searches per month and it’s a buyer-intent keyword. There are some toppers on Amazon, but Etsy is actually a goldmine! There are some cake toppers that go for $380 dollars. Even more profitable are items like “star wars wedding rings” that go for several thousand – and the reviews show people are buying them!

Star wars wedding rings on Etsy

With these higher items, you can use my Low-Competition, Problem-Solution Keywords Strategy and profit within 24 hours.


Free wedding photos on Unsplash

Where there are weddings, there are pictures. Sites like Unsplash have lots of free wedding photos.

If you wanted to get really specific photos, one possible route is to contact couples and ask if you could include their story and pictures in an article your writing. Some couples might think it would be cool to be featured on a website.

Profit Friendly Niche

I think this could be a great niche to focus on. Despite high competition, you can pick a sub-niche, target long-tail keywords and focus on buyer intent for higher products.