Bikepacking Niche

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to give this niche away because I might take it for myself, but screw it!

And yes, I’m pretty excited about this one. 🙂

Why Bikepacking?

So bikepacking is a “self-supported style of lightly-loaded bicycle touring”. It’s a mix of biking and minimalist camping, turning two great niches into one.

This is pretty sweet because there are lots of products to review, both on the bike side and on the camping side, and they aren’t cheap products either.

Let’s get into the data…

Seasonality and Trends

First, this is a seasonal niche (anything outdoors is really) and it has a great 5-year upward trend, meaning that this niche is becoming more and more popular every year.

5 year Google trend for 'bikepacking'
5 year Google trend for ‘bikepacking’


This is a fun niche that people are passionate about, so you can expect to find a lot of good information online about it. A Reddit community has over 20K members who post pictures and videos, and there are Facebook groups too for researching and outreach.

Bikepacking niche on Facebook
Bikepacking niche on Facebook

These communities are going to be great places to find questions and product recommendations.


If you go on VisualHunt and DepositPhotos, you’ll find lots of great images for bikepacking to use.

Visualhunt images for Bikepacking
Visualhunt images for Bikepacking

Having authentic images like these that aren’t fake stock photos are going to add a lot of credibility to your site and establish trust with readers.

Buyer Keywords

I think there could be a lot of opportunities here to go after buyer intent keywords like “sleeping pad for bikepacking” and “best bikepacking sleeping bag” which are low competition. These kws are ripe for the taking!

Beginner-friendly Niche

Overall, the combination of a fun growing niche with good products, authentic images, and relatively low competition makes this niche pretty appealing. This isn’t a technical niche either so I think it could be really good for beginners.