Home Office Niche

Stuck in the office all day? Why not use it for your advantage? The home office niche is one that might seem a little odd at first, but there’s a lot of variety in this niche, and when done right, could get you out of your 9-5 grind.

Why Home Office Niche?

The first thing that appeals to me about this niche is the wide variety of topics and products, which I believe is the way to go now for topical niches because there are more easy keywords to find (see how I find keywords with zero competition).

So what do I mean by more topics and products? Let’s take a look…

  • Home office furniture (desk, tables, chairs, bookshelves, cubicles, storage cabinets)
  • “Accessories” like wastebaskets, lamps, and clocks
  • Electronics like computers, printers, scanners, phones, intercom systems, and security systems
  • And lots of how-tos related to those items

As I’ve pointed out in other niches, you’ll want to be strategic here with your offers. You’ll want to target the higher prices items and not the cheaper office equipment.

When it comes to electronics, even though they can be higher ticket items, they don’t pay out well at all. In fact, Best Buy pays 0% for laptops and desktops! Other sites like NewEgg and Staples aren’t much better for electronics either. Your best bet for promoting electronics is actually going to be Amazon.

And for furniture, you’re in luck. Amazon will be paying out 8% for furniture and home goods.

Amazon payout for furniture and home category

Content Strategy

There are lots of products in this niche, but how do you start promoting them? Reviews and comparisons are one way, but there’s also another way I think could work too.

Similar to the Treehouse Niche, there are people who are looking for home office plans for specific spaces:

  • home office layout for two (40)
  • 8×10 office design (50)
  • 10×12 office layout (70)
  • 100 square foot office layout (110)

One strategy you could do is create office designs based around these queries and promote products to go with them, such as desk, chairs, etc… These products would actually be part of the design.

Creating these designs could be done using online software like RoomSketcher that allows you to create floor plans and take snapshots.


This is just one angle for promoting products. Remember, the home office niche is very closely related to the “small business” and “make money online” niche, which makes room for a lot of topics you can write about too.

Digital Products

Aside from the wide variety of physical products, there are also digital products you can promote which I think is really going to be the secret ingredient for this niche.

Freshbooks accounting software has an affiliate program that pays out $5 per free trial and $55 per sale. Even if you don’t get someone to purchase, you can still earn money with the free trial. Not bad!

Freshbooks affiliate program

Marketing software is very popular as well. Products like AWeber and Clickfunnels offer very generous commissions, but there are also lesser-known affiliates that pay reoccuring commissions as well. pCloud is one service that offers encrypted cloud storage with 20% recurring commissions.

pCloud affiliate program payouts

Cloud storage isn’t expensive, but if you start ranking, it can add up over time. Hosting is another type of product you can promote which pays out big.

A Good Niche?

I think this is a good niche. People are searching for it and there’s a variety of products. There are a lot of different angles you can take. You could focus on things like interior design and organization, focus on small business questions like hiring employees, or focus on small business marketing. Either way, I think furniture and digital products are going to be the big money makers here in this niche.