Treehouse Niche

Hobbies can make for great niches, but lately, I’ve been thinking about niches that are a little more interesting and less hobby related. Introducing the treehouse niche.

Why Treehouse Niche?

Treehouses seem like a really fun niche to get into and based on a brief search, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of competition in terms of other niche sites. Most of the websites I found are for treehouse building services (which is good!).

There are a lot more topics in this niche that I had originally thought. Everything from ziplines, slides, swings, rope courses, climbing gear, hammocks, slacklines, fireplaces, and even solar kits. You could even expand into tiny homes, yurts, and living off the grid.

Keyword Research

Here are some keywords I found with Keywords Everywhere. Of course, there are many other kw ideas to explore for this niche.

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People Also Search For VolCPCComp
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For products, there’s everything from digital plans, kits, accessories, and hardware. There are real treehouse companies out there that have affiliate programs. You might even be able to do lead generation.


Treehouse images on Depositphotos

There are not many free images available on the usual free photos sites, but there are a few dozen on Depositphotos that are pretty decent.


When it comes to communities, there’s not a whole lot out there, but I did find one on Reddit with 5k members that is decently active. This could be a good place to network with other treehouse builders.

Another place to network is AirBNB. People actually rent out treehouses by the night. There are even one 30 minutes from me! It might be cool to connect with owners, interview them, and ask them to take pictures of the treehouse for your website.


If I were to get into this niche, I would take a multipronged approach. I would definitely go after popular questions people have like “how to build a treehouse with 2 trees” and “how much does it cost to build a treehouse”. I would buy a couple used books on treehouse building from Amazon to learn content quickly and get new ideas. Once I got my site built up, I would have a better reputation behind me to start exploring networking and outreach opportunities.

Good Opportunity For Passive Income

As a niche as a whole, there doesn’t seem like a ton of money here, but because of the seemingly low competition, I think a niche like could be more easily dominated and be profitable. Once established, it could provide some very passive income for years.