Jeep Niche

If you’re like me who is always checking out Jeeps when you see them in parking lots, then this niche might be for you. Grab onto those handlebars because there’s lots of money to be made in this niche. Let’s roll!

Why Jeep Niche?

Besides being a fun niche, there’s a strong Jeep community and tons of products to promote here. If you wanted, you totally could build an entire Jeep from only parts you order online. What I particularly like about this niche is there are expensive products being sold on Amazon, which has great conversions.

For example, check out this winch kit being sold for over $1,400 on Amazon. At 4.5% for automotive, that’s $64 commission.

Winch kits are high ticket items and being sold on Amazon

And soft tops for $1,090…

People are even buying tires online for as much as $140 each. (I’ve had orders for tires from my unrelated niche), and they just don’t buy 1 or 2, but sometimes 5! That’s a $700 order for a set of 5.

And it keeps getting better. Here are some smaller companies offering unique products:

Even though these are smaller companies, people are looking for them. Check out these low competition buyer keywords

For ReadlineGoods

  • redlinegoods review (30)

For Rotopax:

  • rotopax vs kolpin (20)
  • rotopax vs jerry can (70)
  • rotopax alternative (170)
  • rotopax vs fuelpax (590)

Yep, with these low competition buyer keywords, you could potentially get a website set up and start earning quickly (Be sure to check out my tools section for my recommendations for getting started).

And tons and tons of other high priced products like:

  • Armor
  • Doors
  • Radios
  • Seats
  • Lightbars
  • Lift kits
  • And lots more

Unfortunately, I had a hard time finding affiliate programs for sites other than Amazon selling big-ticket items. If you do find some offering higher commissions, it could be a gold mine.

Even aside from affiliate income, because this niche has expensive products, you could also profit big from ads (I’m currently earning $23 per 1k visitors with Ezoic. Try Ezoic for free).


Of course, as expected, there is no shortage of online communities to ask questions and research. Check out these Facebook groups:

Jeep groups on Facebook

And forums:

And don’t forget about Jeep clubs and meetups too.


There’s no shortage of images either. Unsplash has nearly 3k photos.

A Good Niche?

Absolutely! There are a few “gotchas” in this niche. One is that it’s more technical. This niche involves a lot of different models, parts, and tools and understanding how they all fit and move together is important if you really want to go deep and build authority. The other aspect is trying to find affiliate programs other than Amazon to maximize earnings.

But overall, with a huge enthusiastic community, expensive products, readily available information makes it a good niche for those who appreciate jeeps.

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